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Redist Hair Spray Super Strength Finishing Maximum Control FULL FORCE

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Maximum Control
Full Force
Hair Spray Full Force 400 ML
Full Strong Hold for creative shapes. This special formula has been developed in our laboratories to give your hair a natural look and to provide a longer lasting style. Your hair can be easily combed due to the fined-grained structure. Designed to give hair a long lasting and natural looking glow. This product will help you be in control of your hair all day long. Does not cause flaking and does not leave residues.

  • It creates durable styles up to 12 hours
  • Its special formula containing vitamins C and E to protect hair helps to prevent colour fading

How to Use:
Create your desired hairstyle. Spray section by section, about 11-13 inches away from hair. For maximum volume, flip hair upside-down and mist all over to set.