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redist natural milk & run honey conditioner

Redist Hair Care Cream (Conditioner) Milk & Run Honey Extra Resistant 500 ml/ 17 FL.OZ.

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Milk & run honey
It helps hair to comb easily, to provide care and repair to weak and sensitive hair, to regain strength and endurance by restructuring the excessively damaged hair strand; to repair damaged hair with split ends, to strengthen hair flakes, for hair to get rejuvenated by ensuring hair to be softer and shinier, hair to regain the moisture balance hair has lost to eliminate dryness due to damages.

How to Use:
After shampooing your hair with Redist Hair Care shampoo, take some Redist Hair Conditioning Cream into your palm and gently apply to hair ends. Do not apply on hair roots. Rinse thoroughly with water after waiting for 2-3 minutes.